Elijah's Xtreme ALL 5 HOT SAUCES * Best Buy *

Elijah's Xtreme ALL 5 HOT SAUCES * Best Buy *

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About this item

  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Our hot sauce variety pack features our top 5 hot sauces ranging from mild 1,000 Scoville heat units to super hot 800,000 Scoville heat unit hot sauces.
  • MILD HEAT (2 Bottles): Pineapple-Mango Habanero (1,000 SHU) is an amazing sweet flavor with a subtle kick, great for anyone who just wants a little spice and tons of flavor! Roasted Pepper Hot Sauce (3,000 SHU) We took the best qualities from cholula, old bay, franks, and other BIG brands and made it BETTER!
  • XTREME HEAT (3 Bottles): Reaper Sauce (350,000 SHU) Sweet delicious heat derived from black cherries, cranberries, Kentucky bourbon, and Carolina Reaper Peppers! Ghost Pepper Sauce (450,000 SHU) Our OG sauce! This is a traditional blend of Ghost peppers, carrots, passion fruit juice, and a little hint of garlic. Xtreme Regret (800,000 SHU) Now for our TOP SELLER - Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpion, garlic, lime juice, and tomato make this sauce SUPER HOT and incredibly flavorful.
  • FATHER & SON RECIPES: Elijah's Xtreme Gourmet Sauces is a father and son company created in a North Carolina Garden. With a passion for hot peppers and hot sauces, the father and son team tried all kinds of sauces until realizing there were no flavorful hot sauces that were actually HOT. So they decided to create one on their own. After years of trial and error, the two perfected their Ghost Pepper Sauce recipe and officially launched it in 2014.
  • AWARD WINNING: The goal is not to have the hottest sauces on Earth! Anyone can make something hot. Our passion is creating amazingly flavored, unique hot sauces that all chili heads around the world will love! With that passion we have won over 50 industry awards for our sauces balance of heat and flavor!
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Create your own hot ones taste testing, make a hot sauce challenge, or a DIY hot bbq wing competition! Try them on nachos, one chip, spicy noodles, salsa, katsu, burritos, tacos, and all your favorite foods!


Our gourmet award-winning hot sauces are balanced to perfection using just the right amount of natural pepper heat and incredible flavor in every bottle! 

This 5 pack makes an amazing gift or addition to your hot sauce collection!